Making Tax Digital – For businesses and individuals

By 2020, most businesses, self-employed people and landlords will be required to keep track of their tax affairs digitally and update HMRC at least quarterly via their digital tax account. These changes will be introduced for some businesses from April 2018, and will be phased-in by 2020, giving businesses time to adapt. These businesses will be required to use digital tools, such as software or apps, to keep records of their income and expenditure.

Making Tax Digital – For individuals

By April 2016, every individual taxpayer will have access to their own digital account — simple, personalised and secure, offering an increasing range of services. By 2020, HMRC aims to be interacting digitally with all taxpayers. By that time, the full range of tax and Child Benefit services will be available for all taxpayers to use, accessible from a wide range of devices and protected by the very latest technology to encrypt data and keep it safe.